Ervice & MegaloKing

Armored General MegaloKing & Evil Dragon Ervice were the Raid Boss and Rare Raid Boss beginning April 9, 2013.

For the first time, raid boss rewards include materials.

Armored General MegaloKing
Each kill Raid CP ticket
20 kills Warrior Megalodia
50 kills Warrior Megalodia
100 kills Warrior Megalodia
200 kills Warrior Megalodia

Evil Dragon Ervice
Each kill Rare Raid CP ticket


5000 Gil
3 kills Raid Attacker (+2700 ATK)
10 kills Raid Protection (+2700 DEF)
25 kills Raid Guardian (+3500 ATK)
50 kills Raid Slayer (+3500 DEF)

All above reward materials are untradeable/ungiftable. Cards equipped with the materials will become untradeable/ungiftable.

Cards effective against these bosses:Edit

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