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BP (Battle Points)Edit

BP is used in the Battle Royale, Treasure Battles, Guild War and Raid Boss Battles. Every player has a base of 100 BP and that base amount cannot be changed (legitimately). 

BP usageEdit

Battle RoyaleEdit

In the Battle Royale, it is 30 BP for a normal attack and 100 BP for an attack with 1.2x power.

Treasure Battle Edit

In the Treasure Battle it is 50 BP for an attack.

Raid Boss BattlesEdit

There are 2 types of BP usages:

  1. This is currently the most used: 50 BP for a standard attack and 100 BP for a 3x Power Attack
  2. This is less commonly used: 30 BP for 1 hit, 60 BP for 3 hits and 100 BP for 5 Hits

Guild WarEdit

In Guild War it is 50 BP for an attack.

Recovering BPEdit

BP can be recovered in many ways:

  1. By using Private Battle Elixirs, 30% Recovery Battle Elixirs or normal Battle Elixirs.
  1. In quests sometimes you may encounter Odin's Fountain, which will recover BP by a random amount. 
  2. By activating a guild's Guardian in Guild War.


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