Battle Elixirs can recover the player's BP. Battle Elixirs can be divided into three kinds: (normal)Battle Elixirs and Private Battle Elixirs, and 30% recover Battle Elixirs. You can check how many Battle Elixirs you have by going to the Menu page and selecting 'Item'.

They are useful for Raids, Treasure Battles, Battle Royale, Guild Wars and Eclipse Party.

Battle ElixirEdit

Battle Elixir

Battle Elixirs completely recover the player's BP. They are one of the currencies of the market. It can usually be obtained in a few ways, including: through trade, as a reward for guild wars, as a reward for Events and buying it from mobage for 100 mobacoins. It can also be sent as a gift.

Private Battle ElixirEdit

Private Battle Elixir

Private battle Elixirs completely recover the player's BP.Private Battle Elixirs cannot be used for trade. They cannot be sent as gifts. They are usually given as rewards for completing an area in Events. However, one Private Battle Elixir can be bought from the discount shop at 10 mobacoins each day.

30% Recover Battle ElixirEdit

30% Recover Battle Elixir

30% Recover Battle Elixirs recover the player's BP by 30%. This is useful for raid bosses in Events and Battle Royale, which requires 30 bp for each attack. They can usually only be found as rewards for event bosses or as event point rewards.

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