Quick Stats
Element Rarity Type Cost

Black Sword Knight Ludas [SSR]

Black Sword Knight Ludas

Legendary swordman known through the evil universe. Possessed by the spirit of white snake, his black sword can slash through nemesis and dimension.


  • Max Level: 70
  • Sales Value: 25800
  • Attack:
    • Base: 5500
    • Max: 11100
  • Defense:
    • Base: 4200
    • Max: 9700
  • Cost: 20
  • Eclipse Limit: ☆☆


Eternal Blade: Significantly ups ATK Power of deck's Hell cards.


  • Black Sword Knight Ludas [SSR]: Black Fang
  • Completion: N/A


  • The card's artwork is done by Yoshitaka Amano, known for his illustrations for the Final Fantasy series.
  • He is the reward card received on the 20th consecutive day of logging in during April 2013.

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