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The Blazing Flight Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Fullmoon Party - Ark World End. It lasted from April 18 to May 2, 2013.

What's Blazing Flight CP?Edit

Blazing Flight CP Description

You can get special bonuses by drawing 10x Supremus Rosa CP! The bonus is chosen randomly from your Bonus Set.

Bonus SetEdit

Note: The following sets shown below are the 1st Bonus Sets. Subsequent sets contain different rewards as shown in the card pack's description.

Holy Light of Heaven SetEdit

Blazing Flight Heaven Set Banner

Surging Power of Hell SetEdit

Blazing Flight Hell Set Banner

Gentle Blessing of Earth SetEdit

Blazing Flight Earth Set Banner

Blazing Flight Card Pack BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 10 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
1 Verethragna [SSR]
2 Temptress Empress Jeffa [SR]
3 Clement Deity Alma [RR]
3 Demon Knight Joshua [R]
4 Break Attack
4 Strong Shield
4 Kujata
5 Private Life Elixir
5 Private Battle Elixir

Step Up Card PackEdit

Blazing Flight Step Up Banner 2

The Step Up Card Pack was added on April 22, 2013 for 10 days.

New Step Up Rule 2
Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 Legend CP x1
(Featured SSR Rate x20)
9999 Yell point
Battle Elixir x1
2 200 Legend CP x2
(SSR Rate x2, Featured SSR Rate x60)
Heaven Knight Amelia [R] x1 or
Sword of Hade Karnatica [R]
3 500 Legend CP x3
(SSR Rate x4, Featured SSR Rate x120)
Heaven Knight Amelia [R] x1 or
Sword of Hade Karnatica [R]
4 1000 Legend CP x5
(SSR Rate x6, Featured SSR Rate x180)
Skuld [RR] x1 or
Windy Shan Gongzhu [RR] x1
5 1800 Legend CP x7
(SSR Rate x8, Featured SSR Rate x240)
Golden Kujata x1
Skuld [RR] x1 or
Windy Shan Gongzhu [RR] x1
6 3000 Legend CP x10
(SSR Rate x10, Featured SSR Rate x300)
ATK+Magic Spirit Gem (Material) x1
DEF+Holy Grail Fragment (Material) x1
Skuld [RR] x1 or
Windy Shan Gongzhu [RR] x1
7 4800 Legend CP x10
(SSR up to 20, Featured SSR up to 600)
Saint Rhongo Myniad [SR] x1 or
Lilin [SR] x1 or
Pinaka [SR] x1

Step 7 is alternated infinitely with following bonuses
Bonus 1. SSR pull chance increased by 2 every draw (max 20)
Bonus 2. SR Guaranteed every draw

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner

This is where a player can turn in his/her LR Exchange Ticket in exchange for an LR card. The ticket is obtained from the 4th Bonus Set in the card pack or from ranking in the top 20 in the event Ark World End.


Blazing Flight BannerEdit

Blazing Flight Banner 2

Blazing Flight Step Up BannerEdit

Blazing Flight Step Up Banner

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