Listed here are the cards as well as the materials obtained by using slabs received during Guild Wars. To complete one Legend Card, the pieces that would make it up are different from each other, forming the card's image. Five slabs are used one at a time and they are placed randomly without the player's control, meaning slabs can be placed in on the same spot even if that spot has a slab already placed in on it. The amount of slabs required to complete one Legend Card varies. There's no limit as to how many Legend Cards a player can unlock as long as he/she has enough slabs to fill in all spots to unlock a card.

Most of the cards are RR in rarity. Caim is the first card introduced that requires SR slabs. SR slabs are obtained by being first place for two matches per day during Guild Wars.

Minimum Slabs Required Legend Card Unlocked
9 Evil Swordsman Linedel
16 Supernal Judge Sariel
Roaming Minstrel Volcker
Death Sorceress Kirke
Sword Master Hildebrand
Ritual Magician Serdio
25 Cruciedora
Hattori Hanzo
Playfull Princess Chat Noir
36 Caim

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