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The Chrono Manipulator Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Chrono Chronicle halfway from the beginning. It was available from July 25 - August 1, 2013. It was then succeeded by Chrono Manipulator Card Pack II.

What's Chrono Manipulator CP?Edit

On the third 10xCP draw, the player is guaranteed Time Creator Ambrosius.

Chrono Manipulator Card Pack BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 13 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
1 LR Exchange Ticket
1 Time Creator Ambrosius [SSR] x4
2 Time Creator Ambrosius [SSR] x1
2 Golden Kujata
2 Ultra Scientist Verne [SSR] x4
2 Ultra Scientist Verne [SSR] x1
3 Beast Manipulator Ronove [RR] x4
3 Beast Manipulator Ronove [RR] x1
3 Total Eclipse Card [RR]
3 Crystal of Wisdom (Heaven)
3 Crystal of Desire (Hell)
3 Crystal of Quest (Earth)
4 Future Angel Eloi [R] x4
4 Future Angel Eloi [R] x1
4 Total Eclipse Card [R]
4 Strike Bind
4 Defense Area
5 Power Shoot
5 Chakram Armor
5 Private Life Elixir x1
Private Battle Elixir x1

Step Up Card PackEdit

Chrono Manipulator Step Up Banner

The Step Up Card Pack was added on July 29 for 3 days. The price of Step 7 is halved on the first draw of the player.

Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 From Legend CP x1
Private Battle ELixir
2 200 From Legend CP x2
Exchange Ticket x5
Future Angel Eloi [R] x1
3 500 From Legend CP x3
Exchange Ticket x10
Future Angel Eloi [R] x1 or
Beast Manipulator Ronove [RR] x1
4 1000 From Legend CP x5
Exchange Ticket x20
Beast Manipulator Ronove [RR] x1
5 1800 From Legend CP x7
Exchange Ticket x35
Beast Manipulator Ronove [RR] x1 or
Ultra Scientist Verne [SR] x1
6 3000 From Legend CP x10
Exchange Ticket x60
Ultra Scientist Verne [SR] x1
7 2400/4800 From Legend CP x10
Exchange Ticket x100
Ultra Scientist Verne [SR] x1 or
Time Creator Ambrosius [SSR] x1

* SR or SSR Guaranteed every draw
* Chances of getting SR or SSR cards increase every time you Step Up

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 8

This is where a player can turn in his/her LR Exchange Ticket in exchange for an LR card. The ticket is obtained from the Card Pack Bonus.

Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 8

The SR DEF tickets are offered for a limited time only. They're available from June 26 - June 29. Their rate of obtaining SSR is 5%.

Tickets Required Card/Item/Material
800 Heaven Eclipse Card [SSR]
Hell Eclipse Card [SSR]
Earth Eclipse Card [SSR]
Time Creator Ambrosius
250 New LR chance x600 CP Ticket
200 An SR or above Heaven DEF card guaranteed
An SR or above Hell DEF card guaranteed
An SR or above Earth DEF card guaranteed
Heaven Eclipse Card [SR]
Hell Eclipse Card [SR]
Earth Eclipse Card [SR]
150 Golden Kujata
Ultra Scientist Verne
Angel Dream
Demon Dream
Spirit Dream
Cosmo Mind
Shadow Mind
Earth Mind
Keen Arrowhead
Light of Happiness
Unrequited Love
Shackles of Nightmare(Heaven)
Shackles of Nightmare(Hell)
Shackles of Nightmare(Earth)
120 Cupid
100 Nightmare Blade
Nightmare Robe
50 MP Ring
Card Limit+5
Warehouse Limit+5
Beast Manipulator Ronove
20 King Kujata
Shine Power
Strong Barrier
15 Future Angel Eloi
10 Great Kujata
Life Elixir
Battle Elixir
5 Phantom Box (Trap)
1 Baby Kujata


Chrono Manipulator BannerEdit

Chrono Manipulator Banner 1

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