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The Divine Elemental Card Pack is the card pack that accompanied the event Kujatapia - Raiders of the Lost Kingdom from March 21 - April 4, 2013. It added a new feature in which players are given Exchange Tickets by using a Legend CP Ticket or spending MobaCoins. These tickets can be exchanged for strong cards, elixirs, and materials.

On April 1, the three LR cards were added as bonuses.

What's Divine Elemental CP?Edit

Divine Elemental CP Description

Divine Elemental BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 13 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
1 King Titan [LR]
1 Omega Bahamut [LR]
1 Imperial Odin [LR]
1 Azi Dahaka [SSR]
1 Raijin the Thunder God [SSR]
2 King of North Wind Boreas [SR]
2 Goddess of South Wind Notus [SR]
3 Sorcerer Foschia [RR]
3 Necromancer Shrade [RR]
3 Crystal Angel Weatherna [R]
3 Snow Princess Lavine [R]
3 Raid Killer Material (Plasma Break 6x)
4 Last Finish (ATK+2700)
4 Soul Reflector (DEF+2700)
5 Kujata
5 Battle Elixir x1

Step Up Card PackEdit

Divine Elemental Step Up Banner

The Step Up Card Pack was added on March 26, 2013 for 6 days. It introduced the new Skill Materials.

Step Up CP New Rule
Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 Legend CP x1
Battle Elixir x1
2 200 Legend CP x2 (SR/SSR Rate x2)
Exchange Tickets x5
Crystal Angel Weatherna [R] x1 or
Snow Princess Lavine [R]
3 500 Legend CP x3 (SR/SSR Rate x4)
Exchange Tickets x10
Crystal Angel Weatherna [R] x1 or
Snow Princess Lavine [R]
4 1000 Legend CP x5 (SR/SSR Rate x6)
Exchange Tickets x20
Constellation Angel Ophiel [RR] x1
Necromancer Shrade [RR] x1
Sorcerer Foschia [RR] x1
5 1800 Legend CP x7 (SR/SSR Rate x8)
Exchange Tickets x35
Constellation Angel Ophiel [RR] x1
Necromancer Shrade [RR] x1
Sorcerer Foschia [RR] x1
6 3000 Legend CP x10 (SR/SSR Rate x10)
Exchange Tickets x60
Constellation Angel Ophiel [RR] x1
Necromancer Shrade [RR] x1
Sorcerer Foschia [RR] x1
7 4800 Legend CP x10 (SR/SSR Rate x11 -> 20)
Exchange Tickets x100
Ruggiero [SR] x1 or
King of North Wind Boreas [SR] x1 or
Raijin the Thunder God [SSR] x1 or
Azi Dahaka [SSR]
8 4800 Legend CP x10 (SR/SSR Rate x12 -> 20)
Exchange Tickets x100
Mighty Force (Material) x1 or
Sky Force (Material) x1 or
Devil Force (Material) x1 or
Grand Force (Material) x1

Step 7, 8 is alternated infinitely with following bonuses
Bonus 1. SR/SSR pull chance increased by 1 every draw (max 20)
Bonus 2. Event SR Guaranteed every 2 draws
Bonus 3. Legend CP SR Guaranteed every 3 draws

Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

Ticket Exchange Spot Banner
Tickets Required Card/Item/Material
1200 Azi Dahaka
Earth Mother Cybele
Dragon Cavalier Exx
Blackbeard E. Teach
600 Sakura Luna
150 Ruggiero
Archangel Raphael
Indigo Dragon
Wind Dragon Raygund
Dimensional Goddess Achamoth
Pumpkin Luna
Forest Dragon
80 Meteor Strike
Shine Circle
50 Sorcerer Foschia
Necromancer Shrade
Constellation Angel Ophiel
25 Snow Princess Lavine
Crystal Angel Weatherna
10 Life Elixir
Battle Elixir
ATK +1500
DEF +1500


Divine Elemental BannersEdit

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