Introduction to Eclipse CardsEdit

By using an Eclipse Card, you can raise the max level of the card. With each use of an Eclipse card, the max level of the Eclipse card will be increased. When the card is max enhanced, the Max Attack and Max Defence of the card will increase by 10%

Up to two Eclipse cards can be used on one card.

Eclipse Card Usage

Types of Eclipse CardsEdit

Types of Eclipse Cards

As shown here, all eclipse cards have different rarity, and each of these ranks correspond to a different colour. They also have four different types: Hell, Heaven, Earth and Total Eclipse Cards.

Eclipse cards can only be used on cards that have the same base rarity and type as the eclipse card. For example, a hell eclipse card with rarity SSR can be used on Bahamut whether the card has rarity SSR, SSR+, SSR++ or LR, because any of these cards still have base SSR. It can also be used on any card ranked lower than SSR. On the other hand, any Eclipse card with rarity SR or below cannot be used. However, note that Total Eclipse cards can be used on any type of card, be it Heaven, Earth or Hell. 


There are two ways to access the eclipse cards. Firstly, click menu and select material. There should be three options: Material, Eclipse Limit and Slots. Choose Eclipse Limit. Select the appropriate card, then choose 'Set Eclipse Card'. After that, the animation will play out and the max level of the card will be increased.

However, note that no new materials will be given when card is maxed out.


Eclipse cards cannot be sold in the market. However, they can be given as gifts. They can be found under the items tab. As of this time, eclipse cards can no longer be gifted. This may or may not be temporary.

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