The third Eclipse Party began on April 11, 2013.

ATK Booster CardsEdit

Card Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Satan [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Svarog [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Gabriel [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Ruthless Nobunaga [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Tempest [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Zeus [SSR] x7 x10 x12 x15
Guardian Deity Freesia [SR] x2 x5 x7 x10
Effulgent Deity Eadrom [SR] x2 x5 x7 x10
Forest Dragon [SR] x2 x5 x7 x10
Saga [SR] x2 x5 x7 x10
Amaryllis [SR] x2 x5 x7 x10
Flaming General Gloriosa [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Manipulator Kalmia [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Land Deity Flora [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Angel Arniel [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Demonic Angel Foreal [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Sanctuary Knight Margrete [RR] x1.5 x3 x5 x7
Flower Dancer Daria [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
Flame Incarnate Heat [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
Floral Angel Alicia [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
Mermaid Charlotte [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
Soul Guide Anubis [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
High Priestess [R] x1.2 x1.5 x3 x5
Hermod [R] - - - x2

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