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The sixth Eclipse Party ran from July 4th through July 10th, 2013.

ATK Booster CardsEdit

Card EV1 EV2 EV3 EV4
Sacred Emperor Ideion [LR] x9 x12 x14 x17
Ul Succubus [LR] x9 x12 x14 x17
King Titan [LR] x9 x12 x14 x17
Grand Sorcerer Orthia [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Raijin the Thunder God [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Dragon Cavalier Exx [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Minamoto Yoshitsune [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Titan [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Earth Mother Cybele [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Brave King Beowulf [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Great Swordsman Sigfried [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Golden Lion Kagura [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Tempest [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Berserker [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Poseidon [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Ruthless Nobunaga [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Gabriel [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Chronos [SSR] x5 x8 x12 x15
Beelzebub [SR] x17 - - -
Red Moon Lampeia [SR] - x9 x12 x14
Headmaster Rosenkreutz [SR] x4 x6 x8 x10
Sorcerer Cornelius [SR] x4 x6 x8 x10
Magical Musician Yeats [SR] x4 x6 x8 x10
Icarus [RR] x2 x4 x5 x7
Ghatanothoa [RR] x2 x4 x5 x7
Professor of Summoning Alhazred [RR] x2 x4 x5 x7
Monastery Maiden Lilia [R] x2 x3 x4 x5
Evil Teacher Saint-Germain [R] x2 x3 x4 x5
Saint Sworder Alexia [R] x2 x3 x4 x5
Commander Butterfly [R] x2 x3 x4 x5

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