Quick Stats
Element Rarity Type Cost

Forest Watcher Apocrypha [SSR]

Forest Watcher Apocrypha

I am a real princess! But I will continue to protect everyone in the forest and in the kingdom too!


  • Max Level: 70
  • Sales Value: 25980
  • Attack:
    • Base: 4250
    • Max: ~8217
  • Defense:
    • Base: 5070
    • Max: ~9837
  • Cost: 25
  • Eclipse Limit: ☆☆


Dasos Amina: Extremely raises earth element defense


  • Forest Watcher Apocrypha [SSR]: Strong Barrier


  • She evolved from Squall Shooter Apocrypha.
  • The card retains the material information from Earth Child Apocrypha.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, she is called Atalanta, a virgin huntress, who was also born into royalty. Her father wanted a son, so he left her on a mountaintop to die, but instead she grew up in the wilderness being taken care of by a bear and taught to hunt by hunters who found her. She later reunited with his father.
  • She is a friend of Knight of Lion Ywain.
  • She is the player's partner during the event Machination of Dragonia, trying to prevent Mad Scientist Geizer from destroying the forest.
  • She is one of the gladiators Tyrant Nero Claudius kidnapped for his amusement in Grand Colosseum.

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