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Fullmoon Party - Advent of the Evil God is an event that was held on January 15 - January 24, 2013. It continues the story of Fullmoon Party - Reconquest of the Royal Capital.

Event DetailEdit

Final Battle Against Evil Has Begun


The sudden occasion of Dimensional Ascension, had brought calamity to Frosgal Kingdom ruled by Beowulf.

Brave King Beowulf: "What is that black vortex...!? The Hell Force has emerged from the vortex! Is the sky distorted...? Is this Dimensional Ascension!? Evil God Loki...! She has connected the world of Hell and Earth by opening the gate. I shall lead my people to somewhere safe before it gets too late. You shall escape too. No body will be able to fight against such a big force. What...? You are telling me not to give up!? Huh? The Gate to Hell will close if Loki is defeated? I got it... You are the 'Deity Warrior'. 'Deity Warrior', Lend me your hand to defeat Loki!"

Retaking the PalaceEdit

Brave King Beowulf: What is that...! There is a dimensional wormhole right outside of the Kingdom... Loki...! She used those evil dragons just for sacrificial pawns...!

I must stop Loki. I will get into the other dimension and defeat her.

I am counting on you. Let's go, our final battle will begin!

Warriors from Hell are invading the Royal Capital. We shall defeat all of them and make them return to Hell. We should have no trouble doing so with the power we have.

I feel the power of Gods from the dimensional wormhole... The brightness of full moon shall be on your side. Needless to say, it is unnecessary to me. You shall have it.

I sense the presence of a warrior from Heaven who would help us...

She shall be a strong ally when your power is acknowledged.

I don't sense Loki's presence... She must be around though. It's unlike her to leave with so much left behind... Let's go and free my people!

Explore with Your Guild MembersEdit

Brave King Beowulf: If you advance through the Royal Capital at the same time as your Guild members, you may encounter them.

If you explore with your Guild members, the increase rate of your Quest achievement degree will go up!

Event BossesEdit

Frosgal the Royal CapitalEdit

Area Boss
10 Cerberus
20 Garm
30 Cerberus
40 Dark Lord
50 Magic Knight Thanatos
60 Black Armor Betelgeuse
70 Magic Knight Thanatos
80 Black Armor Betelgeuse
90 Demon Lord Zegrus
100 Vampire Sasha

Niflheim Hell DomainEdit

Area Boss
10 Basilisk
20 Cockatrice
30 Behemoth
40 Behemoth
50 Dark Lord
60 Nether God
70 Nether God
80 Mephistopheles
90 Diablo
100 Loki

Event Raid BossEdit

Gold Dragon Golganos Banner

The Royal Capital is full of evil beasts summoned by Loki. Defeat them and get COIN!

You can get a CP with the COIN. Get rare coins by defeating high-ranked evil beasts!

On the last day of the event, damage to event raid bosses were increased 4 times.

* Against Gold Dragon Golganos, Dragon Storm Deus, Double-Headed Dragon Dual Drake, and Evil God of Sword Laevatein regular Raid Killer Skill Materials won't activate.

About the Gift from the supply unitEdit

After you execute an Event Quest, you may get aid supplies from supply units. You can choose 1 out of 3 items.

* You can participate in "the Gift from supply unit" from the Quest completion page.

Event advantageous! COIN CP!Edit

Advent of the Evil God Coin Card Pack Banner

Get limited card that has max x15 ATK to Event Raid Boss!

You can obtain plenty of CP coins by defeating Event Raid Bosses!

You can exchange 1 COIN for 1 card.
Gold > Silver > Bronze, the better the color of your coin, the better card you can draw.

* The chance of drawing an Evil God CB via Coin CP will end with the end of the Card Box on Jan. 24th or when all cards from the CB are drawn.
* With a BRONZE COIN, you can get an N, NN, R, or RR card.
* With a SILVER COIN, you can get an NN, R, RR, SR, or SSR card.
* With a GOLD COIN, you can get an NN, R, RR, SR, or SSR card.
* With a GOLD COIN, you have a higher chance of drawing an above-NN card.
* Coins are not tradeable, sellable, or offerable.
* You can use your Coins until 2 days after the end of the event. The coins disappear after that period. Use them asap.

Event Boss Effective and Kill Point Booster CardsEdit

Here are Multiplier Cards that will multiply damage against event bosses as indicated below.

These cards are obtainable from the Evil God Card Box. If they are in your deck upon defeating a boss, they will each offer you bonus Kill Points.

At the beginning of the event, you would only get the Kill Points of your rarest and highest evolution card even if you have other Kill Point Booster Cards but are lower in rarity and evolution. Starting from January 17, 2013, every Kill Point Booster Cards you have will have their Kill Points added up and added towards your total Kill Points. This includes every Evolution Stage.

Card Rarity Damage Multiplier Kill Points
Bahamut LR x30 +400pt
SSR++ x26 +350pt
SSR+ x23 +300pt
SSR x20 +250pt
Count of Hell Cagliostro SSR x17 +200pt
SR++ x15 +150pt
SR+ x12 +100pt
SR x10 +50pt
Red Moon Lampeia SSR x15 +200pt
SR++ x12 +150pt
SR+ x11 +100pt
SR x10 +50pt
Aphrodina SSR x10 +200pt
SR++ x10 +150pt
SR+ x7 +100pt
SR x5 +50pt
Anahita SR x6 +50pt
RR++ x5 +30pt
RR+ x4 +15pt
RR x3 +5pt
Azure Fiery Dragon Prominence SR x6 +50pt
RR++ x5 +30pt
RR+ x4 +15pt
RR x3 +5pt


Area ClearEdit

Area Boss Kill RewardEdit

Get special rewards for every 10 areas cleared!

Get reward for every area cleared.Edit

At Frosgal the Royal CapitalEdit
Area Rewards
10 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
20 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
30 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
40 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
50 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
60 Great Kujata x1
10000 Gil
70 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
80 Legend CP Ticket x1
10000 Gil
90 Private Life Elixir x1
10000 Gil
100 Full Moon [RR] x1
10000 Gil
At Niflheim the Hell DomainEdit
Area Rewards
10 Private Life Elixir x1
12000 Gil
20 Great Kujata x1
14000 Gil
30 Private Life Elixir x1
16000 Gil
40 Great Kujata x1
18000 Gil
50 Private Life Elixir x1
20000 Gil
Full Moon [RR] x1
60 Great Kujata x1
22000 Gil
70 Private Life Elixir x1
24000 Gil
80 Great Kujata x1
26000 Gil
90 Private Life Elixir x1
28000 Gil
100 Full Moon [SR] x1
Sophia [SR] x1
30000 Gil

* You can't trade Full Moon [RR] and Full Moon [SR].

Interim RewardEdit

If by 1/20 23:59(ET) you reach a certain area in Frosgal Road, you will get an interim reward.

Area Rewards
20 Life Elixir x2
50 Life Elixir x4
100 Life Elixir x6

Kill PtEdit

Kill Pt Prerequisite Rewards
20, 150, 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000, 16000, 18000, 20000, 23000, 26000, 30000, 35000, 40000 30% Recover Battle Elixir x3
50000, 60000, 70000, 80000, 1000000 30% Recover Battle Elixir x5
20, 300, 1000, 3000, 10000, 20000 Knight Kujata
5000 Dragon Coin -Gold- x1
10000 Dragon Coin -Gold- x2
20000 Dragon Coin -Gold- x3
26000, 40000 Dragon Coin -Gold- x4
70000 Dragon Coin -Gold- x5
40000 Legend CP Ticket x1
70000 RR Guaranteed CP Ticket x1
100000 SR Guaranteed CP Ticket x2


Daily Ranking RewardsEdit

During the event, the top Kill Pt earners will receive the following rewards!

Ranking # Rewards
1-10 Life Elixir x10
11-30 Life Elixir x6
31-50 Life Elixir x3
51-100 Life Elixir x1

Individual Kill Pt Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-3 Sophia [SR]
Above-RR Guaranteed Ticket
4-10 Sophia [SR]
Above-R Guaranteed Ticket x2
11-20 Gold Dragon Coin x30
Above-R Guaranteed Ticket x1
21-50 Gold Dragon Coin x10
Legend CP Ticket x2
51-100 Life Elixir x10
Legend CP Ticket x1
101-200 Life Elixir x8
201-500 Life Elixir x6
501-1000 Life Elixir x4
1001-10000 Life Elixir x3
10001-30000 Life Elixir x2

Guild Kill Pt Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-10 Gold Dragon Coin x10
Battle Elixir x10
11-50 Gold Dragon Coin x5
Battle Elixir x10
51-100 Battle Elixir x10
101-400 Battle Elixir x8
401-600 Battle Elixir x6
601-1000 Battle Elixir x4
1001-2000 Battle Elixir x2
2001-5000 Battle Elixir x1

* Only members who contributed more than 20000 Kill Pt will receive rewards for #1-10.
* Only members who contributed more than 10000 Kill Pt will receive rewards for #11-400.
* Only members who contributed more than 1000 Kill Pt will receive rewards for #401-5000.


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