Quick Stats
Element Rarity Type Cost

General Fleurety [SSR]

General Fleurety

My lord, I will forever be at your side, in life or death, whatever may happen to us all. I will lead our Army to victory.


  • Max Level: 70
  • Sales Value: ?
  • Attack:
    • Base: 5180
    • Max: ?
  • Defense:
    • Base: 4230
    • Max: ?
  • Cost: 25
  • Eclipse Limit: ☆☆


Hail Storm: Greatly ups ATK Power of deck's Hell cards, and significantly lowers DEF Power of opponent deck's Heaven cards.


  • General Fleurety [SSR]:


  • She evolved from Lieutenant Devil Fleurety.
  • She is one of the high-ranking devils (under the name Demon General Fleurety) who invaded Kujatapia during the event Kujatapia - Raiders of the Lost Kingdom, hoping to utilize the powers and treasures of the Kujatas to serve their purposes. After the event, when their army was retreating, she happened to pass by the gardens during the event Fullmoon Party - Venus Garden (under the name Lieutenant Devil Fleurety) hoping to obtain the sacred flower that can grant any wishes.

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