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The Gigant Breaker Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Gigant Breaker. It was available from June 27 - July 2, 2013.

What's Gigant Breaker CP?Edit

Gigant Breaker CP Description

Deep Sea Card Pack BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 13 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
1 LR Exchange Ticket
1 Siglus [SSR] x4
2 Siglus [SSR] x1
2 Golden Kujata
2 Shining Sworder Selisia [SR] x4
2 Shining Sworder Selisia [SR] x1
3 Perun [RR] x4
3 Perun [RR] x1
3 Total Eclipse Card [RR]
3 Heaven Shock
3 Evil Shock
3 Earth Shock
4 Mercenary Soldier Helmote [R] x4
4 Mercenary Soldier Helmote [R] x1
4 Total Eclipse Card [R]
4 Strike Bind
4 Defense Area
4 Power Shoot
4 Chakram Armor
5 Private Life Elixir x1
Private Battle Elixir x1

Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 7

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 5

This is where a player can turn in his/her LR Exchange Ticket in exchange for an LR card. The ticket is obtained from the 2nd and 4th Bonus Set.


Gigant Breaker BannerEdit

Gigant Breaker CP Banner 1

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