Golden Kujata

The Golden Kujata


This is the golden Kujata used for skill enhancement . The Golden Kujata can only be used if the card is at Max Level Enhancement. Using the Kujata is used like a regular Kujata except it raises the skill level of the card by 1, regardless of experience needed.

Obtaining Edit

The Golden Kujata have been obtained in many ways.

  • Card Pack Exchange Ticket Exchange
  • Reward as Decoration, Slot Machine bonus etc.
  • Reward for high ranking PVP Arena
  • Reward for top ranking Event Point
  • Reward as 10x CP Bonus Set
  • Reward as Legend Card Pack draw bonus


  • Due to the high nature of experience requirement of skills past 4, it is wise to save the Golden Kujata for until the skill is past level 4 through other means.

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