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The Holy Battle Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Fallen Eden. It was available from September 17 - 30, 2013. Similar to some previous card packs, the first 10xCP draw only requires 5 Legend CP Tickets. Do note that you still need to possess at least 10 LCP Tickets to use the function.

Summer Sky Goddess Asteria and Odin Saga were only available for a limited time as card pack bonuses from September 19-20. Asteria was also available in the Ticket Exchange Spot during that period. She returned on September 24 as one of the cards that can be obtained from drawing 10xCP until the 27th.

More event effective cards were added on September 20 as card pack bonuses replacing the previous cards. They were also added as limited ticket exchange prizes until September 24. Then these cards were replaced with more event effective cards on September 24.

Summer Fairy Noah was introduced and added on September 27 until the end of the card pack. She can be obtained as a CP Bonus prize, drawing three 10xCP after third draw, or from the Step Up CP.

What's Holy Battle CP?Edit

Previous DescriptionEdit

Current DescriptionEdit

Holy Battle CP BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 13 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
Special Prize LR Exchange Ticket x4
1 LR Exchange Ticket x1
1 Summer Fairy Noah [SSR] x1
1 Summer Night Sword Princess Tyrfing [SSR] x1
1 Mitra the Light Monarch [LR] x1
1 Atlantis [SSR] x4
1 Otohime [SSR] x4
1 Satan [SSR] x4
1 Shin the Snake [SSR] x4
1 Summer Sky Goddess Asteria [SSR] x1
2 Odin Saga [LR] x1
2 Golden Kujata x1
2 Angel Warrior Axwell [SR] x4
2 Angel Warrior Axwell [SR] x1
2 Atlantis [SSR] x1
2 Otohime [SSR] x1
2 Satan [SSR] x1
2 Aqua Deity Oceanus [SR] x4
2 Messenger of Sea Triton [SR] x4
2 Aqua Deity Oceanus [SR] x1
2 Messenger of Sea Triton [SR] x1
2 Judge Austie [SR] x4
2 Judge Austie [SR] x1
3 Fake Angel Marel [RR] x4
3 Fake Angel Marel [RR] x1
3 Total Eclipse Card [RR] x1
3 Cane of Love x1
3 Cane of Curse x1
3 Cane of Sin x1
3 Spiritualist Shamane [RR] x4
3 Spiritualist Shamane [RR] x1
4 Strict Angel Zeruel [R] x4
4 Strict Angel Zeruel [R] x1
4 Total Eclipse Card [R] x1
4 Meteor Strike x1
4 Shine Circle x1
4 Assassin Le Monde [R] x4
4 Assassin Le Monde [R] x1
4 Shine Power x1
4 Strong Barrier x1
5 Private Life Elixir x1
Private Battle Elixir x1

Step Up Card PackEdit

The Step Up Card Pack was added on September 24. The price of Step 7 is halved on the first draw of the player.

Previous RuleEdit

Current RuleEdit

Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 From Legend CP x1
Private Battle Elixir x1
Gold Decoration x1
2 200 From Legend CP x2
Exchange Ticket x5
Gold Decoration x2
Assassin Le Monde [R] x1
3 500 From Legend CP x3
Exchange Ticket x10
Gold Decoration x3
Assassin Le Monde [R] x1 or
Spiritualist Shamane [RR] x1
4 1000 From Legend CP x5
Exchange Ticket x20
Gold Decoration x5
Spiritualist Shamane [RR] x1
5 1800 From Legend CP x7
Exchange Ticket x35
Gold Decoration x6
Spiritualist Shamane [RR] x1 or
Angel Warrior Axwell [SR] x1
6 3000 From Legend CP x10
Exchange Ticket x60
Gold Decoration x8
Angel Warrior Axwell x1
7 2400/4800 From Legend CP x10
Exchange Ticket x100
Gold Decoration x10
Angel Warrior Axwell [SR] x1 or
Summer Fairy Noah [SSR] x1

* SR or SSR Guaranteed every draw
* Chances of getting SR or SSR cards increase every time you Step Up

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 14

This is where a player can turn in his/her LR Exchange Ticket in exchange for an LR card. The ticket is obtained from the Card Pack Bonus.

Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 9
Tickets Required Card/Item/Material
600 Atlantis
Heaven Eclipse Card [SSR]
Hell Eclipse Card [SSR]
Earth Eclipse Card [SSR]
Summer Night Sword Princess Tyrfing
Shin the Snake
540 Summer Sky Goddess Asteria
250 CP Ticket where you can get new SSR card "Summer Night Sword Princess Tyrfing" with 30% rate.
SR or above guaranteed CP ticket with x600 more chance of obtaining new LR
150 Aqua Deity Oceanus
Messenger of Sea Triton
Golden Kujata
Heaven Eclipse Card [SR]
Hell Eclipse Card [SR]
Earth Eclipse Card [SR]
Angel Warrior Axwell
Judge Austie
Spear of Blue Sky
Spear of Purple Cloud
Spear of Green Land
Armor of Blue Orb
Armor of Red Orb
Armor of Green Orb
Stone of Heaven
Stone of Hell
Stone of Earth
Axe of Thunder
Axe of fire
Axe of Dragon
120 Hero's Sword
Hero's Shield
100 Sword of Bravery
Shield of Bravery
80 Card Limit+5
50 MP Ring
Spiritualist Shamane
Bogus Fallen Angel Harel
Fake Angel Marel
20 King Kujata
Shine Power
Strong Barrier
15 Assassin Le Monde
Strict Angel Zeruel
Witch Hunter Strega
10 Great Kujata
Life Elixir
Battle Elixir
5 Phantom Box (Trap)
1 Baby Kujata


Holy Battle BannerEdit

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