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These are defense-boosting materials received after max leveling all four evolutions of a card (Completion Materials). The list of materials gained by from max leveling is HERE.

Image Boost Name Card Name
+1900 DEF Princess Knight Cecilia [RR]
+2200 DEF High Booster Boosted Dragon [RR]
+2200 DEF The Core of Cursed Tree Dark Trunk Creeper [RR]
+2300 DEF Magatama of Daidara Daidara Botchi [RR]
+2500 DEF Dark Star Jupiter Gem Battle Princess Jupiter [RR]
+3000 DEF Celestial Teacher Robe Sky Tactician Odysseus [SSR]
+3000 DEF Viper Princess' Love Viper Warrior Serpentine [SR]
+3200 DEF Lost Diary Saga [SR]
+3400 DEF Golden Gift Jaro Prospera Toshigami [SR]
+3400 DEF Jovis Ark Barrier Grand Admin Jovis [SR]
Diomedes Hercules [SSR]

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