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Card Name
Witch Hunter Strega
Knight Trainee Anastasia
Cryptid Witch Sphinx
Dragon Hunter Hayato
Chrysoberyl the Cat Eye
Martial Artist Lisa
Mac Lir
High Priestess
Paris Paydrick
Christmas Scrooge Geol
Pirate Swordsman Andis
Gunslinger Laertes
Snow Princess Lavine
Tiger Fang Marzerg
Moon Bunny Nana
Eagle Knight Tatiana
Misty Ninja Saizo
Frosty Dragon Knight Sedna
Los Alto
Princess Bao
Young Himiko
Dragonic Ginrei
Mushroom Princess Normia
Dark Armed Knight Goldberg
Time Jumper Titor
Incarnation of Magic Book Grimoire
Princess General Ayame
Hayate Kunoichi
Diva of Love Song Lyla
Pirate Trainee Seria
Ashura Ninja Kilmal
Warrior Megalodia
Sword Rider Princess Sylvia
Beastie Warrior Princess Bercy
Blazing Princess Frey
Machinery Princess Magia
Earth Child Apocrypha
Floral Goddess Laurel
Noble Knight Nemes
The Red Samurai
The Blue Beard
Tree Nymph Dryad
Evil Spirit Hunter Zeorg
Treasure Hunter Mei
Succubus Sadis
Gunslinger Girl
Nun Bridget
Witch Claudette
Pyro Swordsman Arth
Craftsman God Hephaestus
Nekomata Mimi
Lotus Goddess Sarasvati
Courageous Girl Kaihime
Rookie Knight Percival
Saint Sworder Alexia
Cosplay Swordsman Tsubaki
Commander Butterfly
Philosopher Solon
Dreaming Cinderella
Viking Warrior Frederik
King Etzel
Flower Dancer Daria
Godspeed Knight Bruno
Friend Medal Card
Lone Woman Warrior Senia
Genius Swordsman Kryce
Magus Serphis
Evangelist Shakespeare
Holy Beast Baron
Fire Dragon Sydra

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