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Card Name
Nobleman of Hell Romeo
Hell Hound Moor tha Doo
Underworld General Aurcus
Leviathan (RR)
Evil Swordsman Linedel
Devil King Utrugigal
Skull Knight Dullahan
Queen of Hell Gate Malebranche
Poison Queen Dominacia
Hedonic Knight Pylon
Twin Evil Deities Narvi & Nervi
Archenemy Rubeus
Evil Dragon Rider Gwiber
Demon Princess Evildusa
Fallen Angel Semihazah
God of War Ares
Evil Dragon Draguloki
Magical Balancer Lipla
Jet Black Knight Kei
Evil Poisonous Dragon Gadeucca
Giant Jotun
Ice Dragon Civallion
Master Thief Gazelle
Fake Angel Marel
Administrator Roderic
Ice Ogre Hecatombrez
Gathgoic the Other
Familiar Spirit Tiennis
Sea Demon Kraken
Fallen Duke Adramelech
Primitive Fire God Kagu-tsuchi
Death Sorceress Kirke
Vengeful Demon Arahabaki
God Dragon Vargheind
Dragoon Trudis
Captain of Magic Baseball Blenda
Demon Lieutenant Army
Beast Manipulator Ronove
Magic Clown Maugris
Beast King Legiazaolga
Professor of Summoning Alhazred
Necromancer Shrade
Spellcaster Erik
Hell Master the Ghost Chamber
God of Poverty Scete
Dragon King Mars
Dragonet Princess Zophy
Alice in Confusion
Toad Ninja Jiraiya
Inferno Lord Ifrit
Chain Master Forte
Magician Iros
Tenkai the High Priest
Dimensional Pythoness Angelos
Manipulator Kalmia
Lightning Dragon Rhinorox
Pirate Alwida
Snake Princess Scylla
Sublieutenant Devil Fleurety
Bound Asmodeus
Frog Druid
Curious Cruelty Salvia
Erudite Knight Brastias
Drake Lord Vaan
Genius Witch Mary

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