MP (Magic Points)Edit

MP is used for two things: the ATK Deck and the DEF Deck. The amount of MP you have assigned to a deck determines the total cost of the cards in the deck. For example: If you have 70 MP in your ATK Deck then the cost of the cards in the deck must not exceed 70.

If you want to increase defence power then you should assign more MP to the defence deck.

If you want to increase attack power then you should assign more MP to the attack deck.

MP can sometimes be a good indicator of how good a deck is.

How to get more MPEdit

You can acquire more MP by:

  1. Having more allies. Each ally added will give you 2 more MP, but removing an ally will cost you 2 MP for each ally removed.
  2. Leveling up. Every time you level up you will gain one more MP to distribute.
  3. Using MP Ring(s)

Trivia Edit

  • Using the auto set fuction will set decks based on the strongest stats, not overall defense stats. This means having less MP will limit you to less but individually stronger cards, bringing your overall total down.

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