Feza & Xeno

Malefic Chimeric Feza & Slash Mutilator Xeno were the two Raid Bosses beginning May 7, 2013. Unlike previous raid bosses where they were comprised of one raid boss and one rare raid boss, this time, there are two raid bosses and one rare raid boss from the previous pair. Also, the reward card is given out five times instead of the previous four and the kills needed to obtain it is reduced.

Malefic Chimeric Feza
Each kill Raid CP ticket
10 kills Winged Princess Fezaly
20 kills Winged Princess Fezaly
30 kills Winged Princess Fezaly
40 kills Winged Princess Fezaly
50 kills Winged Princess Fezaly
Material drop
ATK Orange 1
Claws of Feza (+1500 ATK)
ATK Orange 1

Wings of Feza (+2300 ATK)

Slash Mutilator Xeno
Each kill Raid CP ticket
10 kills Slasher Princess Xenoa
20 kills Slasher Princess Xenoa
30 kills Slasher Princess Xenoa
40 kills Slasher Princess Xenoa
50 kills Slasher Princess Xenoa
Material drop
ATK Red 1
Sharp Claws of Xeno (+2300 ATK)

Cards effective against these bosses:Edit

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