Market 1

Searching for Duke Focalor in the Market

The Market is the online, player to player trading system used by Deity Wars. The Market is composed of 3 sections, Market 1, Market 2 and Market 3. Players in different markets cannot interact with each other. 

Using the MarketEdit

The Market can be access after completing the tutorial quests in the main quest. You can acess the market through the market button found in the menu. In the market you can search for cards, auction off your own cards, bid or buy other player's cards and more.

There are 4 types of bids in the market.

  • With Conditions and Approval: An item is sold with a certain condition. Anyone fullfilling the conditions can bid and immediately recieve the item(s).
  • With Conditions but No Approval: Same as the above but the auctioner must approve the trade first
  • No Conditions: Anything can be bid on thie item. The auctioner can approve one bid or reject bids.
  • No Conditions but Restrictions: Anything can be bid except for certain restrictions placed bu the auctioner.

Auctioning your CardsEdit

You can sell your cards. You can either set them to no requirements which means anyone can bid on them or set what you hope to recieve for your card. The following are things you can sell your card for. 

Market 2

Listing a Queen Andromeda SR in the market with conditions

  • Elixirs up to 99999 amount of each
  • Kujata
  • Cards
  • Materials
  • Gils

Note the following cannot be listed, traded or used as conditions for trading

  • Full Moon
  • Golden Kujata
  • Private Elixir
  • Untradable Materials and Materials
  • Slot Booster/Cards with Boosted Slots
  • Legend Card Pack 
  • New event effective card pack cards


  • SSR Full Moon, while listed, is untradable.
  • You can check "conditions" to see what your card is worth
  • The "history log" is a log of the latest trades that were accepted. Thus, it can give a good idea of what your card is worth. 
  • Somtimes it is good to set a certain condition for your card but disable "Automatic Approval". If you get lots of bids, it is a sign your condition is too low (cheap).

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