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The material mixer was first valid from 18 September to 21 September 05:00 am(ET). However, it will open again periodically. It can be used to upgrade materials by sacrificing other materials.

How To UseEdit

Material mixer predictions
  • To use the Material Mixer, the player first selects the number of materials they want to sacrifice. The player will need to sacrifice 2 to 10 materials to use the mixer.
  • After this step, the Material Mixer will predict for the player two results: Hyper Succeed (the best case scenario) and Mix Fail (the worst case scenario). Note that the resulting material usually falls between these two extremes. The material may also be an attack or defense material. The materials will disappear afterwards.
  • Only materials increasing attack and def by 4000 and below may be used.

Level GaugeEdit

Material mixer level gauge

The Mix Level has 12 levels from F to SSS. Below are the predictions given for each level.

Level Hyper Succeed Mix Fail       
F DEF +1200 DEF +50
E ATK +1500 DEF +500
D Cross Spirit (ATK +2200) DEF +1200
C Ray Alive (ATK +2900) DEF +1800
C+ Infinity Guard (DEF +3400) Spirit Barrier (DEF +2300)
B Justice Maximum (ATK +3500) Defense Area (DEF +2800)
B+ Rainbow Sonic (ATK +3700) Shine Circle (DEF +3000)
A Justice Maximum Burst (ATK +4000) Chakram Shoot (ATK +3200)
A+ Ultimate Chakram (ATK +4200) Legend Reflector (DEF +3500)
S God Chaos (ATK +5000) Galaxy Illusion (DEF +4200)
SS Tempest Flare (ATK +5500) Galaxy Illusion (DEF +4200)
SSS Calamity Sphere (ATK +6000) God Chaos (ATK +5000)


  • You may get a material lower than the materials you put in. Therefore, always check the predictions first.
  • Always ensure that the level gauge is as close to 100% as you can make it without sacrificing the level of the material. This is because the material mixer works on the rank system and as long as you hit a certain rank, the materials you are able to get is the same. If the gauge is close to 100%, it means that you have close to 100% more to go to the next level; hence, you are not wasting any materials.
  • Since low attack and defense materials (~1000 attack) are not useful, you should put it in the mixer to get better materials. These materials can thus be used for event cards or for evolving. For such materials, the mixer doubles the power of these materials.
  • Two weaker materials adding the same strength as one stronger one (for example, 2 of ATK +1400 and one of ATK +2800) do not give the same results in the mixer. The stronger material will increase the level gauge by a larger amount.
  • The function holds attack materials as being stronger than defense ones. Therefore, if the Hyper Succeed shows a defense material, it is not possible to get an attack material of the same level. Conversely, if the hyper succeed shows an attack material, it is possible to obtain a defense material of the same level. Likewise, putting in attack materials adds more to the gauge than defense materials.


  • The Mix Fail values for S and SS are not a mistake; in the predictions, they do give the same value.

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