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The Milky Way Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Fullmoon Party - Milky Way the Galactic River. It was available from August 6 - August 22, 2013.

What's Milky Way CP?Edit

Milky Way CP Description

Bonus SetEdit

Note: The following sets shown below are the 1st Bonus Sets. Subsequent sets contain different rewards.

Heaven (Maria) Set1Edit

Hell (Yama) Set1Edit

Earth (Okuninushi) Set1Edit

Milky Way Card Pack BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 10 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Grade Bonus
Special Prize LR Exchange Ticket x4
1 LR Exchange Ticket x1
2 Otohime [SSR] x1
2 Guardian Ghede [SR] x4
2 Guardian Ghede [SR] x1
3 God of Poverty Scete [RR] x4
3 God of Poverty Scete [RR] x1
3 Book of Norn x1
3 Book of Moirai x1
3 Book of Ghede x1
4 Demon Ayano [R] x4
4 Demon Ayano [R] x1
4 Shine Power x1
4 Strong Barrier x1
4 Kujata x1
5 Private Life Elixir x1
5 Private Battle Elixir x1

Step Up Card PackEdit

Milky Way Step Up Banner

The Step Up Card Pack was added on August 12. The price of Step 7 is halved on the first draw of the player.

Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 From Legend CP x1
Private Battle Elixir x1
Slot Gold Coin x1
2 200 From Legend CP x2
Slot Gold Coin x2
Spring Star Arcturus [R] x1 or
Demon Ayano [R] x1
3 500 From Legend CP x3
Slot Gold Coin x3
Spring Star Arcturus [R] x1 or
Demon Ayano [R] x1
4 1000 From Legend CP x5
Slot Gold Coin x5
Benzaiten [RR] x1 or
God of Poverty Scete [RR] x1
5 1800 From Legend CP x7
Slot Gold Coin x6
Benzaiten [RR] x1 or
God of Poverty Scete [RR] x1
6 3000 From Legend CP x10
Slot Gold Coin x8
Benzaiten [RR] x1 or
God of Poverty Scete [RR] x1
7 2400/4800 From Legend CP x10
Slot Gold Coin x10
Guardian Ghede [SR] x1 or
Master of Fate Norns [SR] x1 or
Dark Knight Adelaide [SSR] x1

* SR or SSR Guaranteed every draw
* Chances of getting SR or SSR cards increase every time you Step Up

Milky Way CPEdit

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 9

The ticket is obtained from the 2nd and 5th bonus sets. It is also the special prize and the 1st grade reward in the card pack bonus.

SSR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

SSR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 3

The ticket is obtained from the subsequent bonus sets.

New SSR Exchange SpotEdit

New SSR Exchange Spot Banner

The ticket is obtained at first third draw of 10xCP.

Milky Way Slot RewardEdit

SSR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

The ticket is obtained from the slots in the event.


Milky Way BannerEdit

Milky Way Banner 1

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