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The Mythical Knights Card Pack II is a card pack that followed Mythical Knights Card Pack and accompanied the event Fullmoon Party - Ocean Grail halfway through the second half of the event until its end. It was available from September 10 - September 17, 2013.

On September 13, Odin Saga is introduced. There's a chance of obtaining him by defeating the Super Rare Boss.

What's Mythical Knights CP II?Edit

CP Duel Effective CardsEdit

These cards are effective against the card pack's bosses.

Card Raid Boss Attack Boost
Erudite Knight Brastias x8.2
Armored Dragon Reglios x8.1
Behemoth x7.5
Wisdom Goddess Minerva x7
Crimson Knight Tristan x6.3
Diablo x6.2
Ancient War Machine Gigantos x6.2
Knight Captain Gawain x6
Wind Dragon Raygund x5.9
Silent Knight Mordred x5.8
Celestial Maiden Nadia x5.7
Morgan le Fay x5.7
Vampire Sasha x5.6
Ambidextrous Knight Balin x5.5
Crimson Princess Flare x5.4
Godspeed Knight Bruno x5.4
Nether God x5.3
Dragoon Trudis x5.3
Fortuneteller Luna x5.2
Dark Armed Knight Goldberg x5.2
Ice Knight Iseult x4.8
Flame Giant Vorg x4.7
Flame Soldier Sirius x4.7
Stalwart Knight Galahad x4.5
Heaven Knight Hilde x4.4
Demon Beast Cerberus x4.3
Helestia x4.3
Wild God Susa-No-O x4.2
Titan x4.1
Kujata Tamer Celeste x3.5
Bahamut x3.2
Odin x3.1

Mythical Knights CP2Edit

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 13

The LR Ticket is obtained on the 10th, 20th, and 30th defeat of the raid bosses in the card pack.

SSR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

SSR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 6

The SSR Ticket is obtained on the 5th, 15th, and 25th defeat of the raid bosses in the card pack.

Ocean Grail Slot RewardEdit

SSR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

The ticket is obtained from the slot in the event.

Ocean Grail Event RewardEdit

LR Ticket Exchange SpotEdit

LR Ticket Exchange Spot Banner 12

Reward ListEdit



Duel Bonus
Sword of Bravery
Shield of Bravery
Morgan le Fay [SR] x1
Justice Maximum Burst
Ice Knight Iseult [RR] x2
Battle Elixir x10
Life Elixir x5
Battle Elixir x5
King Kujata x5


Duel Bonus
Summer Jewel
Morgan le Fay [SR] x1
Hero's Sword
Hero's Shield
Ice Knight Iseult [RR] x4
Life Elixir x10
Battle Elixir x10
King Kujata x10

Super RareEdit

Duel Bonus
Summer Crystal
Morgan le Fay [SR] x1
Hero's Sword x2
Hero's Shield x2
Life Elixir x15
Battle Elixir x15
King Kujata x15

* You may obtain one of the 3 bonuses.
* Attack Reward is obtainable by drawing 10xCP.



Total Eclipse Card [SR] x1


Total Eclipse Card [SSR] x1
Golden Kujata x1


Defeat Rewards
5, 15, 25 SSR Exchange Ticket x1
10, 20, 30 LR Exchange Ticket x1
Total Eclipse Card [LR] x1


Mythical Knights II BannerEdit

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