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The Royal Tomb Card Pack is a card pack that accompanied the event Active Pursuit - Royal Grave Rerise. It was available from December 19 to December 26, 2012, but it was extended to the 27th.

Royal Tomb BonusEdit

You get 1 bonus for 1xCP & 13 bonuses for 10xCP. The choice of bonus is random.

Four new cards were added in Grade 2 on December 25.

Grade Bonus
1 Imperator Takemikazuchi [SSR]
2 Wisdom Goddess Minerva [SR]
2 Joan of Arc [SR]
2 Ritual Goddess Yule [SR]
2 Fiery Evil God Jebrenta [SR]
2 Astral Guide Luna [SR]
2 Santa Luna [SR]
3 Raid Killer Material (Grand Brezia 6x)
3 Material (ATK+2800)
3 Material (DEF+2800)
4 Material (ATK+2100)
4 Material (DEF+2100)
5000 Gils
5 Private Life Elixir
Private Battle Elixir

Step Up Bonus Card PackEdit

Royal Tomb Step Up Banner 3

A total of 7400 MC is needed to obtain all rewards.

Two new cards were added in Steps 2 and 3 on December 20 that were available for a whole day.

Two more steps were added on December 21 along with three new Christmas-themed cards on Steps 2 and 7. Other changes include Great Kujata from Step 2 replacing King Kujata in Step 4, and "Card" was changed to "From Legend CP."

Starting December 25, for two days, a Legend CP Ticket was added in Step 1, two new cards were added in Step 6, and Santa Luna is a guaranteed reward, removing Royal Tomb Bonus G-1 and G-2.

Step MobaCoins (MC) Rewards
1 100 From Legend CP x1
Legend of CP Ticket x1
2 200 From Legend CP x1
Life Elixir x1
Great Kujata x1
Magic Beast Tamer Salith [R] x1
Christmas Scrooge Geol [R]
or Black Santa [R]
3 300 From Legend CP x1
Life Elixir x2
Great Kujata x1
Tree Nymph Dryad [R]
Royal Tomb Bonus x1
4 400 From Legend CP x2
Life Elixir x2
Great Kujata x1
King Kujata x1
Royal Tomb Bonus x1
5 500 From Legend CP x2
Life Elixir x2
Angel Arniel [RR] x1
Royal Tomb Bonus x2
6 1000 From Legend CP x3
Life Elixir x3
Royal Tomb Bonus x4
Ritual Goddess Yule [SR]
or Fiery Evil God Jebrenta [SR]
7 3000 From Legend CP x10
Life Elixir x5
Royal Tomb Bonus x12
Santa Luna [SR]
or Royal Tomb Bonus G-1
or Royal Tomb Bonus G-2

* Steps 2, 3, 4, 6 must be repeated twice.


Royal Tomb BannersEdit

Step Up Bonus BannersEdit

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