Quick Stats
Element Rarity Type Cost

Saint Goddess Hera [SSR]

Saint Goddess Hera SSR

Stand still, Deity Warrior. I am Goddess Hera, Zeus's wife. I came here to give you missions.


  • Max Level: 70
  • Sales Value: 26480
  • Attack:
    • Base: 6070
    • Max: ?
  • Defense:
    • Base: 8450
    • Max: ?
  • Cost: 37
  • Eclipse Limit: ☆☆


Zugia: Greatly ups DEF Power of deck's Heaven cards. Every time deck's skill is activated, ATK Power of opponent deck's Hell card will very slightly go down.


  • Saint Goddess Hera [SSR]:
  • Saint Goddess Hera [SSR+]:
  • Saint Goddess Hera [SSR++]:
  • Saint Goddess Hera [LR]:
  • Completion:


  • Hera is the the goddess of women and marriage. She is also the wife and a sister of Zeus.
  • She is the player's companion in the event Fallen Eden in which she is looking for the power that would help her husband upset the power balance between him and Odin as the main powers of Heaven.

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