Just throwing this out here instead of creating a page because a) I doubt anyone who isn't editing the Deity Wars Wikia is interested this and b) I don't know yet if it's completely accurate. But if anyone can shed some light on the matter it's really appreciated! And if it is correct and everyone already knew about this, then I'm really sorry to waste your time.

Anyway, this is regarding the page written by Jauranna on card stats. I've used it really often, but it also means that I have no clue what the actual max atk/def that the card would have if using a full moon/a normal base card, which I think should be the stats that we usually put on the site (correct me if I'm wrong). I've only done a couple of tests, but it seems like enhancing does not increase the value if the stats are higher. In other words, if the base card attack is at 8000, and using this method you get it to 8300 at the base level, then all you have to do is to subtract 300 from the total value after you enhance to get the actual max atk/def. Hope I'm making sense!

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