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The Yell Pt Casino, or Yell Point Casino is a place where you can exchange Yell Pts for Casino Medals or Coins. These coins can then be used to exchange for items, or to play virtual card games with more coins as rewards.

According to the Casino, there will be three different kinds of games: Poker, Colosseum and Slot. However, as of this time, only Poker may be played.




  • Private Life Elixir : 200 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • Private Battle Elixir : 200 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • 300,000 Gil: 600 Medals (10x Exchange Limit) 
  • 30,000 Gil: 60 Medals (10x Exchange Limit) 
  • 15,000 Gil: 30 Medals (10x Exchange Limit) 


  • Sparks Beads ( +4000 Atk) (Private): 10000 Medals (1x Exchange Limit)
  • Dahaka ( +4200 Def) (Private): 10000 Medals (1x Exchange Limit)
  • Justice Maximum ( +3500 Atk): 3000 Medals (2x Exchange Limit)
  • Legend Reflector ( +3500 Def): 3000 Medals (2x Exchange Limit)
  • Extension ( +3300 Atk): 1000 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • Resurrection Glory ( +3300 Def): 1000 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • Meteor Strike ( +3000 Atk): 700 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • Shine Circle ( +2500 Def): 700 Medals (3x Exchange Limit)
  • Shine Power ( +2500 Atk): 500 Medals (4x Exchange Limit)
  • Holy Wall ( +2500 Def): 500 Medals (4x Exchange Limit)
  • Break Attack  ( +2100 Atk): 100 Medals (4x Exchange Limit)
  • Strong Shield ( +2100 Def): 100 Medals (4x Exchange Limit)

Tips (Poker)Edit

  • Always play Double Up. Try to play it at least twice before quitting.
  • When playing Double Up in Poker, the next face up card is always the previous face down card, as long as you are in the same game. For example, if the face up card is 3 and you guess higher, revealing the face down card to be 7, the next face up card will be 7. However, if you guess wrong and the face down card is actually 2, the next face up card in the next game of double up is once again up to chance.

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